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You are a health or mental therapist with a passionate message that needs to be heard.
During the 6 weeks of Rock The Media School (RTMS)
particiants landed interviews and guest blogs on:
Fox News
Press Enterprise
She Knows
Daily Parent
Motherhood Radio
and more.

Rock the Media School was created just for you. You will learn how to find your BIG message, grow your business, and transition from therapist to expert through powerful relationships with the media and maximizing your interviews through social media. Find out why others are raving about working
with Dr. Julie Hanks on developing their brand and expertise through media + social media marketing.
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MEDIA EXPERT Dr. Julie Hanks

Dr. Julie Hanks is passionate about helping therapists find their voice and get their message out into the world, attract ideal clients, and transition to expert through rocking media + social media. As a private practice owner, she has build her clinic from a solo practice to a thriving clinic with multiple locations and 20 providers during an economic downturn by developing a strong media and online presence.
Rock the Media School was created to give you the support and tools you need to reach a local and a global audience with your unique message.
Dr. Hanks has been quoted in print and web and has been interviewed hundreds of times and she wants to show you how to expand your reach, too!

Rock the Media School
 Grab your Spot for Sept. 2016 Cohort

The nitty-gritty details. It's TIME for Rockstar Status
  • Week 1
    Your BIG message & media vision

    You are an expert and in this module I'll help you discover your unique message and how to convey your message to the world! You'll learn why a media presence matters in building your practice and developing additional income streams and create a vision of your media goals.
  • Week 2
    Successful pitch strategies

    Go step-by-step through the process of pitching your topics and ideas to local media to educate and to gain trust with your community.   Learn my tips for responding to "Help a Reporter" queries to land regular media interviews. Learn what makes a topic newsworthy, common media mistakes people make when corresponding with reporters, journalists, producers.
  • Week 3
    Attracting Media Interviews Through Online Presence

    Learn ways to make it easier for media to find YOU online, present yourself as media-saavy, and differentiate yourself so you can share your wisdom and advice over and over again. How to respond to requests and know the signs that you should decline media interview requests.
  • Week 4
    Rock the interview

    You'll learn how to prepare and to deliver your best interview for print, radio, live and taped TV interviews. Learn tips for looking and sounding great & effectively conveying your message! This week you'll learn the top mistakes that therapists make when giving media interviews and how to avoid them.
  • Week 5
    Maximize your media interviews!

    The actual interview is just the beginning of your impact. The internet allows for thousands to see your content via online platforms. Learn how to effectively share your interviews online via social media as "social proof" of your expertise, and how to quickly repurpose media topics into other formats as additional content for your website or professional blog to build trust with your community.
  • Week 6
    Developing media relationships + long term media strategies.

    This week we'll wrap things up for the course and focus on tips to make the media love you and invite you back for an interview. Learn how to make producers, journalist, writer's jobs easier and build ongoing professional relationships with people who can open up other opportunities that will grow your influence and impact. Create your own long-term media plan and hear other's success stories! And we'll cover any final questions you might have.
  • Community
    Online Private Forum

    Want the support of others who are seeking their rockstar status? You will have a private online forum to meet other RTM students and get the positive support you need! During the 8 week course, Julie will be participating in the online forum, answering your questions and sharing practical tips for rocking the media.
  • Coaching
    Weekly Online Calls

    Join Dr. Hanks for weekly 1 hour group Q&A coaching calls during RTM school course where you can get your specific questions answered about the week's course content, get practical tips about upcoming interviews, refine your media pitches, tips to integrate your media + social media presence, get encouragement and celebrate your weekly action.
In just the first few weeks, I've been interviewed for podcasts, quoted in a business journal, written for the HuffPo,
and successfully pitched Forbes. This course has inspired me to get organized with my media so that I have plenty of social content. Plus the support and comraderie in the forum is unmatched. I love RTMS!
Kat Fulton, Music Therapist, Consultant

Get The Tools You Need To Be Heard
Media + Social Media = BIG Impact

An 6-week course, created by a therapist, for therapists & helping professionals.
Grow your presence. Grow your practice. Share your message with the WORLD!

What RTMS Graduates Say

Rock The Media School has absoloutely ramped up my motivation and honed my media skills.
I didn't want to re-invent the wheel and Dr. Julie Hanks' program is totally laid out for me.
RTMS absolutely Rocks!
--Michael Boman, LCSW, Relationship, Marriage, and Healing Outdoors Expert. Clinical Director, England Counseling Services and LifeSTAR Oquirrh.
RTMS has not only helped me see how important it is to get my big message out there,
but I've also learned the steps for how to share my message
with reporters and journalists! It's also helped me to
stop hiding in fear about interacting with the media.
If you're itching to get your message out and have been worried about how to,
RTMS will definitely show you how and give you the confidence to do it!
-Mercedes Samudio, LCSW, Parent Coach
Being able to observe someone, take you step by step and show you how to
use the media to get out your message is a gift. Grad School did not teach any of us
how to market through media, or market at all for that matter. If you have the desire
to get exposure through newspapers, social media, TV and more then RTMS is the way to go.
-Nicol Stolar-Peterson, LCSW, BCD Expert Witness
Child Custody Evaluator, Non-Profit Director of

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